Freepository is ceasing operations on 01-MAY-2016

After 17 years of managing over 3 billion lines of code in over 400,000 projects, Freepository is shutting down.

The market for hosted CVS and SVN services isn't sufficient to maintain the system. We switch to read-only mode on 15-APR-2016 and cease operations on 01-MAY-2016.

We are now in READ-ONLY mode.

We remain as commited to developers today as when we went online in 1999. We will ensure that you can retrieve your raw repository so that you can, at your choosing, use it in another svn server.

Instructions for Downloading Active Repositories

If you wish to download your entire raw svn repo - this includes the revision history of your repo - we recommend using subversion's remote dump utility, svnrdump. This requires using svn 1.7 or more recent. Use the remote dump utility like this:

svnrdump dump --username [your username] https://freepository.com/[your account ID] > [your account ID]-svn.dump

When prompted, supply your Freepository password and the dump will begin. Allow the dump to complete. This produces an svn dumpfile that may be imported into another svn repo.

We previously recommended using webdav for downloads, but as a result of some reports of members having difficulty with webdav on Windows, we now recommend the svnrdump process.

Notes about Abandoned Repositories

If you have not actively used your repo in the past 6 months or more, it was marked as abandoned and has been moved off disk into secure backups. These repos will not be available via svnrdump. If you have trouble connecting to your repo, let us know at support AT freepository DOT com.

If you do not wish to retrieve your repo, you don't need to do anything.

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